Amministratore delegato Caimi e responsabile dell’ufficio tecnico e degli Open Lab

Caimi is a company in constant evolution. During its history spanning more than seventy years, this entrepreneurial reality has strongly contributed to the affirmation of the Italian know-how in the world. A synthesis of genius, creativity, passion, artisanship and ability to innovate. Today as yesterday, we continue to research and experiment looking for new ways and new solutions to concretely improve human life. At home, in the workplace or in entertainment spaces. The human being has always been at the centre of our corporate mission. In fact, he is also portrayed in the logo as a symbolic witness, as a stimulus. Following this philosophy, new products are conceived and designed with intelligence and beauty in order to solve concrete needs, always applying cutting-edge production processes; true industrial design. We have always followed the path of design, well aware of the fundamental importance of the role of the designers. The collaborations with internationally renowned designers and emerging talents are countless and constant over time. We have created products with an original imprint, often obtaining prestigious awards, such as the Compasso d’Oro ADI, German Design Awards and the Design Europa Awards.

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