At Superevo we have been producing revolutionary upholstery materials and structures since 2012.

We offer a complete bespoke service, including everything from the design and realization of the structure, to the padding and plain fabric finish. We work closely alongside our clients throughout all phases of the design and manufacturing process, to produce unique and distinct padded furnishings and accessories as per the client’s individual specifications.
As a dynamic company we take advantage of strong innovation. Innovation in the product itself, resulting in new patents on the marketplace, as well as innovations in the production processes involved.

We continually strive to ensure that our products are as sustainable as possible when they enter the circular economy, which is the foundation of any modern ethical production cycle. From this a futuristic business project was born, based on one of the most innovative structural materials ever created for upholstery: Polimex®, a new high-performance material capable of changing the rules of design.

Our team takes advantage of a solid foundation in the upholstery sector and works continuously with the objective of overcoming the limits of traditional production technology.


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